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About UNC

Welcome to www.urbannightmares.ca! A visual collection of urban artists wrapped up in the concrete jungle. Utilizing whatever surface or material necessary U.N. is all about coverage.

Founded in Toronto in 1997, U.N. has gone on to recruit artists from all walks of life and lands. To this day U.N. has grown to be a driving force in the world of urban art. From rooftops to sidewalks, from pencils to rollers, U.N. has changed the urban landscape. Based in Toronto, U.N. has been able to stretch abroad, forming pockets of members in Montreal, London England, and Vienna Austria.

This site samples many of the U.N. artists works as well as many other forms of art. We are constantly adding new stuff so check back withus frequently. If you have any questions or comments send them here. Enjoy your stay!

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